Negrini New Transformer Combination Shotgun Cases

posted on August 13, 2013

International Case Company, the distributors of Negrini ultra-lightweight travel cases, introduces the new Transformer case. This case is designed to hold any combination of two different shotguns. The Transformer 2 travel case comes in two versions. The 1677Combo case holds one each over-under/side-by-side and one semi-auto or pump. The 1677Transformer case holds any combination of two types of shotguns or take-down rifles by adding or subtracting an accessory box to change the internal shape of the case.

The new Negrini ultra-light Transformer cases are international air travel certified and built ultra-strong from a patented design utilizing a thermoformed double-wall composite construction. Other features include steel hinges, a fully upholstered interior and three combination locks compatible with TSA requirements.

The Transformer case is offered in several finishes from standard to full genuine leather. Each case comes with a limited lifetime warrant and an MSRP of $439.

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