NRA Gun Of The Week: Springfield Armory Prodigy DS

posted on January 13, 2023

The concept of a double-stack M1911 isn’t a new one, as other designs have emerged in the past,but Springfield Armory is the latest company to bring extra capacity to the venerable M1911 design with the Prodigy. Watch the video above to see the Prodigy DS AOS in use on the NRA Tech range.

Man holding Springfield Armory Prodigy pistol shooting target range indoors safety

Unlike the original M1911, the Springfield Armory Prodigy 1911 DS AOS features a forged steel frame combined with a polymer grip module. This maintains the benefits of having a solid-steel frame while also providing the extra texturing and ergonomic improvements made possible by a molded polymer grip. On the Prodigy, this grip module includes generous stippling for added control and purchase. A checkered mainspring housing is included at the rear of the frame, as well as a generous beavertail grip safety.

Springfield Armory Prodigy slide closeup detail metal black steel sights serrations m1911 pistol

The Springfield Prodigy DS comes from the factory with a forged-steel slide, and this is where Springfield adds another innovative feature thanks to the partnership with Agency Arms and its Agency Optic System (AOS). Optic-specific mounting plates can be attached to the AOS baseplate, and there are six different adapter plates available to accommodate more than 20 different popular optics.

Left-side view Springfield Armory Prodigy handgun pistol 9 mm black gun Hex optic

The sample sent to American Rifleman for testing employs a 4.25" barrel, though longer lengths are available. With the Prodigy DS AOS, as seen here, you'll expect to receive a two-piece, full-length guide rod, and as such, this advanced M1911 design employs a specially fitted, stainless-steel bull barrel, minus the traditional bushing. An integral feed ramp is highly polished and ensures a seamless transition of ammunition from the magazine to chamber. The gun also comes with an internal steel extractor and fixed ejector for reliable removal of spent cartridges.

Springfield Armory Prodigy details frame trigger grip magazine release gun pistol 9 mm

At the range, one of the most noticeable features about the Springfield Prodigy isn’t necessarily the gun itself. The large, double-stack, steel-bodied magazine included with the pistol is impressive, especially compared to a traditional, single-stack M1911 magazine, and the extended baseplate provides plenty of real estate to not only ensure that magazines seat securely but can also be pulled out quickly and easily. Additionally, extended 20- and even 26-round magazines are available for the Prodigy as well. Despite the increased capacity and modern, tactical look, our testers appreciated that the gun still operated and felt like an M1911 in all the right ways. The crisp, single-action trigger displayed an incredibly short reset, making for fast and easy follow-up shots. In addition, Springfield's provision of an ambidextrous thumb safety, as well as the traditionally located slide-stop lever, push-button magazine release are nice touches.

Manufacturer: Springfield Armory
Action Type: recoil-operated, semi-automatic, centerfire rifle
Chambering: 9 mm Luger
Barrel: 4.25"; forged stainless steel
Frame: forged steel, Black Cerakote finish
Slide: forged steel, Black Cerakote finish
Sights: dovetailed; fiber-optic front, U-notch, serrated rear
Magazine: 17-, 20- or 26-round capacity
Overall Length: 7.8"
Width: 1.44"
Weight: 32.5 ozs.
MSRP: $1,499



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