Gun Of The Week: TriStar Arms Viper G2 Pro

posted on February 16, 2024

Welcome to another American Rifleman Gun Of The Week video, and in this episode, we head to the range with the Viper G2 Pro, a semi-automatic hunting shotgun from TriStar Arms that offers up affordability and enhanced features to boot. Watch the video above to see the Viper G2 Pro in use on the range.

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Based out of Kansas City, Mo., TriStar Arms has established a great reputation as an importer of firearms for the U.S. market, and few companies have such a diverse catalog, especially in shotguns. The Viper G2 Pro, like the one we have here on the range, is another TriStar offering that builds upon the success of the Viper G2 line in ways everyone can appreciate. Not to mention, its price point is consumer-friendly, and its features are worth noting.

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The Viper G2 Pro line has all the shotgunning bases covered by offering models in 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge, as well as .410 bore. TriStar has several different metal finishes and stock styles to select from, too. In addition, three dedicated Sporting Models are available in 12 gauge. This particular shotgun we have on the range is chambered for 12-ga. shells up to 3” long and comes dressed in Flat Dark Earth Cerakote and Mossy Oak camouflage.

Tristar Viper G2 Pro shotgun lineup 5 guns scatters tristar logo background gun of the week text on image

All of TriStar’s Viper G2 shotguns are gas-operated designs with an aluminum receiver and bolt that locks into a barrel extension, but the PRO line adds creature comforts to improve upon the end user’s experience. First and foremost is the redesigned receiver. At the bottom of the aluminum receiver, where the loading port is, the PRO model is sculpted in a way that enables smoother and quicker loading and blends those new contours into a redesigned and well-shaped fore-end. The PRO model also has a redesigned trigger guard that is downswept beyond the trigger shoe and is slightly larger than its predecessor, which allows for easy access, especially with gloved hands.

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Additional enhancements are found on the controls of the Viper G2 PRO. There is a much larger, rectangular paddle attached to the bolt release. This larger design is easier to engage than the round buttons used previously, and it includes serrations for purchase. Another area of focus here is the bolt’s charging handle, which was redesigned and enlarged, offering an easily grasped, barrel-style handle. In addition, TriStar uses a similar cross-bolt safety selector at the rear of trigger guard like its Viper G2 guns have, but the company enlarged it on the PRO model with a triangular button for easier engagement. text overlay man shooting

The PRO version does come with many of the standard features from TriStar Arms, such as a chrome-lined steel barrel, ventilated sighting rib, fiber-optic front sight and sling points front and rear. But the redesigned elements of the Viper G2 were immediately noticeable on the range. In addition, we found that the Viper’s redesigned stock with panels of soft-touch texturing, included shim kit and ergonomic recoil pad are great additions to an already-capable scattergun. While shooting, our testers found the Viper G2 PRO’s magazine-cutoff capability to be a tremendous feature to hunters in addition to the gun’s Beretta/Benelli Mobil choke system. All told, the PRO enhancements to the Viper G2 shotgun line are all worthwhile upgrades that create a more-than-capable scattergun that was a whole lot of fun to shoot on the range.

TriStar Arms Viper G2 Pro Specifications
Importer: TriStar Arms
Action Type: gas-operated, semi-automatic, repeating shotgun
Chambering: 12 gauge; 3"
Receiver: aluminum; Flat Dark Earth Cerakote finish
Barrel: 28" threaded for Mobil chokes
Stock: synthetic; Mossy Oak camo
Sights: red fiber-optic
Trigger: 3 lbs., 15 ozs.
Capacity: five-round
Overall Length: 48"
Length Of Pull: 14.25"
Weight: 6 lbs., 8 ozs.
MSRP: $855


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