Gun Of The Week: Mossberg Int’l. Silver Reserve Eventide Turkey

posted on June 21, 2024

Welcome to another American Rifleman Gun Of The Week video, and here, we’re on the range with an interesting 28-ga. over-under from Mossberg International. This field-ready, camouflage-clad over-under is the Silver Reserve Eventide Turkey. Watch our video above to see it in use on the range.

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The O.F. Mossberg & Sons story is a well-documented one, starting in 1919 by Swedish immigrant Oscar Frederick Mossberg who dreamed of creating reliable and robust firearms for working-class citizens. In pursuit of that dream, Mossberg went from the four-shot .22-cal. Brownie pistol in a rented loft space to its mid-century successes with its legendary pump-action Model 500 shotgun and its subsequent U.S. military contract. Today, the house brand has expanded beyond U.S. shores with Mossberg International, a firearm import component to the company that offers value-priced over-under shotguns that range from target-ready versions to well-appointed field models, such as the model seen here, the Silver Reserve Eventide Turkey.

The Reserve-series Eventide Turkey arrives fully camouflaged in Mossy Oak Greenleaf and is designed for the pursuit of wild turkey, and Mossberg has line extensions for 12-, 20- and 28-ga. shotshells. However, it is essential to note that the Eventide series is not limited to camouflage variants; black is available in 12 and 20 gauge for a more subtle look. With recent advancements in shotshell design, sub-gauge scatterguns have seen a rise in popularity. These scaled-down, sub-gauge platforms have myriad benefits, especially when it comes to reducing felt recoil. The 28-ga. Eventide Turkey comes with 20” barrels and is a great option for using the latest sub-gauge shotshells.

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All Silver Reserve over-unders are built with a single, selective trigger with a selector on the tang-mounted safety to simply select barrel priority on first pull. The trigger mechanism is also mechanically operated, which means you get two pulls of the trigger without having to rely on inertia, ensuring that you’ll always have a second shot, regardless of what happens with your first shell. Given the intended use for this shotgun, hunters will be pleased to see that Mossberg provides sling-swivel studs, one stationed at the rear on the buttstock and a stud fixed to the under-barrel. Also, you’ll receive a fiber-optic sight bead attached to ventilated rib.

At 6.5 lbs., and measuring just under 38” long, the Eventide Turkey is a compact and lightweight two-shot package with a valuable punch, especially when loaded with high-density turkey loads. Our testers enjoyed the Silver Reserve-series shell extractors for a dedicated turkey-specific field gun versus the ejectors found on the firm’s Gold Reserve guns. Chrome-lined barrels and chambers combined with the action’s dual-locking lugs are additional values and bolster the Eventide’s longevity. We also appreciate the over-under concept for turkey hunting, as shots are typically close and rarely require follow-ups. Couple that fact with extra-extra-full extended chokes and the improved cylinder choke Mossberg provides, hunters can tune the gun for first- and second-shot distances in various hunting scenarios.

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Mossberg International Silver Reserve Eventide Turkey Specifications
Importer: O.F. Mossberg & Sons
Action Type: hinge-action, over-under shotgun
Chambering: 3"; 28 gauge
Receiver: steel
Barrel: 20"
Sights: fiber-optic front
Trigger: single, selective mechanical
Stock: synthetic
Finish: Mossy Oak Greenleaf
Overall Length: 37.75"
Weight: 6 lbs., 8 ozs.
MSRP: $927


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