Gun Of The Week: KFI Firearms Impala Plus NERO

posted on December 8, 2023

We’re at the range to get a closer look at an imported shotgun from Istanbul Silah. Meet the Impala Plus NERO. This is a semi-automatic shotgun chambered for the ubiquitous and heavy-hitting 12-ga. shotshell. Not only is the 12-gauge hard-hitting, it is incredibly versatile, too, which is part of the allure of the scattergun. And for many first-time gun owners, the shotgun tends to be a first stopping point due to its affordability and ease of use. Watch the Gun Of The Week video above to learn see this imported shotgun in use on the range.

Impala Plus Nero S shotgun GUN OF THE WEEK AMERICAN RIFLEMAN text overlay shotgun background gray

Offered by KFI Firearms of Lecanto, Fla., the Impala Plus NERO contains several patent-pending features and well-thought elements. For starters, you get an operating system borrowed from the Italians—think Inertia Drive blueprints of Benelli’s, only a little different. Here you get a patented six-lug bolt with a floating head that locks into a barrel extension. Also, engineers at Silah incorporated steel rails inside the aluminum receiver. The concept is said to reduce friction and wear.

Closeup detail image of black metal aluminum shotgun action receiver Istanbul Silah

Silah offers more than 30 versions of its Impala shotgun, and only a portion of those are imported through KFI Firearms, but this NERO example does have the option for either 24", 26” or 28” barrels. They are over-bored to improve patterning performance and a ventilated rib comes standard. An assortment of chokes also come with each gun. Behind the muzzle, you’ll see a snap-on fiber-optic sight from TruGlo. The controls on the Impala Plus NERO are quite simple, too. There is a crossbolt-style safety housed within a removable trigger group—a left press enables operation. An oversize bolt release comes standard, and it is found on the receiver’s right side. A standard-size charging handle is also supplied, which is simple to install. It is important to note that all essential parts of the Impala Plus NERO can be removed, inspected and cleaned without tools.

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Our testers found the Impala Plus NERO excelled on the range and packs a real value for the performance-minded and cost-conscious consumer. The gun has a particular feel to it unlike many other guns we’ve tested in this category, which is because of its black synthetic stock. Though traditional wood is available on these guns, it is here on the NERO that we found a bit more value. Not only does the gun need to balance and swing well, it must fit properly, and with the Impala Plus, you can have a custom fit without gunsmithing bills, thanks to an included set of cast and drop shims. Furthermore, a removable cheekpiece, sling points and a rubber recoil come standard.

Dynamic angle of impala plus shotgun receiver white background black synthetic furniature

Whether employed for upland game hunting, weekend clay-busting or a bedside locker for personal protection, the Impala lineup has it covered. Our testers claimed to have thoroughly enjoyed the NERO in the field. Its 3” chamber and barrel combination open the door to myriad shell types for use in just about every arena, and its drilled-and-tapped receiver can support a rail and optics for those who have a penchant for driving slugs at distance.

Impala Plus NERO Specifications
Importer: KFI USA LLC
Action Type: inertia-driven, semi-automatic shotgun
Receiver: aluminum; hardcoat-anodized, matte-black finish
Stock: black synthetic
Barrel: 24", 26" or 28" steel; blued finish
Choke: Invector Plus
Sights: fiber-optic front
Trigger: 6-lb., 2-oz. pull
Overall Length: 44.5", 46.5" or 48.5"
Weight: 7 lbs., 6.4 ozs (28" barrel)
MSRP: $600


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