NRA Gun of the Week: Iver Johnson Arms PAS12

posted on April 16, 2021
Iver Johnson Arms is importing the PAS12 shotgun, a 12-ga. pump-action with features that make this scattergun an affordable and viable option for today’s home defender. The PAS12 comes equipped with a detachable stock, optic rail, accessory rail and a short, 18.5” barrel.

right side shotgun silver barrel steel black plastic text on image noting Iver Johnson Arms PAS12

The pump-action design of the Iver Johnson PAS212 cloned from Remington’s venerable Model 870—the blueprint is proven by a robust and reliable track record. However, this PAS12 unlike any 870 you’ve ever seen. The factory offered polymer furniture is uniquely shaped for increase performance, whether pressed into service from the vehicle, boat or home. The gun's overall length can be reduced easily with the detachable buttstock.

black plastic gunstock parts inset lines

Even though Iver Johnson supplies optic rail with its PAS12, the company smartly includes a pre-installed rear aperture sight. A red fiber-optic front sight is provided, too. A generously sized magazine tube, which holds up to five 2.75" shells, comes standard with the PAS12. The gun’s 18.5” steel barrel is cut with a 3" chamber, and is the shortest allowable length of a non-NFA shotgun configuration.

silver shotgun receiver metal black rail top

Overall length of the PAS12 comes to 39.5” and it weighs right at 6 lbs., empty. Iver Johnson equips its PAS12 shotgun with a satin nickel finish for corrosion resistance. Users will find the gun supplies enlarged controls, an easy-to-load magazine tube and a flash suppressor threaded to the barrel’s exterior.

Man wearing green shirt ear muffs shooting silver shotgun

Watch our NRA Gun of the Week video above to learn more about the Iver Johnson Arms PAS12 shotgun.

Iver Johnson Arms PAS12 Specifications
Manufacturer: Armed Guns, Turkey
Importer: Iver Johnson Arms
Action Type: pump-action shotgun
Chambering: 3”, 12-ga.
Barrel: 18.5” nickel-finished steel
Stock: detachable, black polymer
Sights: adjustable aperture rear, fiber-optic front
Magazine: tubular, five-round capacity
Overall Length: 39.5”
Weight: 6 lbs.
MSRP: $338

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