Gun Makers: Free Land Up For Grabs in Missouri

posted on May 22, 2013


In Howell County, Mo., three pieces of land are being made available free of charge—yes, free of charge—for gun manufacturers looking to move from unfriendly territory. The very generous landowner, John Negri, is offering up the land up to gun makers who are looking to relocate due to the current wave of gun control legislation being passed. Companies such as Magpul, Stag Arms and PTR have voiced that they are looking to move to more “gun-friendly” states.


In light of all these changes, Negri and fellow colleagues started the “Move to Missouri” initiative. The project will offer land, and potentially tax and legislation aid, to firearm manufacturers who make the move. The three pieces of land come with a no-charge lease for 20 years, in parcels of 6, 38 and 100 acres. The Missouri House of Representatives recently gave preliminary approval to a tax credit bill to help ease the financial strain for relocating companies.


Missouri is a known gun-friendly state, where current lawmakers are pushing for more pro-Second Amendment legislation like the Second Amendment Preservation Act that will help protect gun owners in the state from federal gun control laws. But Missouri isn’t the only state vying for gun manufacturers, the biggest contender being Texas.


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