Federal Field & Range Steel Game & Target Loads

posted on April 18, 2014
Federal Premium Ammunition 12 gauge shotshell boxes, two, side by side

Federal Cartridge Co.’s Field & Range Steel Game & Target shotshells are, thankfully, yet another option for small-game hunting and engaging clays in non-lead areas. The 20-ga., 2¾” offering features ¾ oz. of No. 6 steel shot propelled to 1425 f.p.s., whereas the 12-ga., 2¾” load attains 1375 f.p.s. with 1 oz. of the identical shot. The uniform round pellets are contained within a thick, barrel-protecting shotcup with four petals, which is backed by a separate gas seal and contained within a ribbed, "high-brass" hull. MidwayUSA sells 25-count boxes of Field & Range Steel Game & Target shotshells for $9.69, which is comparable to the prices of Federal’s top-grade Premium Gold Metal target loads, and several dollars more than its economical Top Gun-series offerings.



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A new long-distance shooting record of 4.4 miles was set September 13 in western Wyoming by a shooter who requested anonymity. Scott Austin and Shepard Humphries, managers at Nomad Rifleman, near Jackson Hole, Wyo., coordinated the massive undertaking that included a support team at the firing line and multiple spotters downrange to call impacts and document/verify the shot.

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