Federal Ammunition Celebrates 100 Years in 2022

posted on January 27, 2022
Federal Ammunition Joins

Less than one percent of companies survive to their 100th year in business, according to some estimates. Even fewer continue thrive up to and beyond their centennial anniversary. Federal Ammunition joins this extraordinary group in 2022 and the company has plans to celebrate all year long. Its official date of incorporation was April 27, 1922, but the festivities start now.

“The entire staff of 1,500 hard-working Americans in Anoka, Minn., is extremely proud to celebrate a full century of continuous and successful operation,” said Jason Vanderbrink, president of Federal ammunition. “We appreciate those who came before us to make this possible and look forward to taking Federal into its next century.”

Federal kicked off the year by lighting a 100th Anniversary sign on top of one its silos in Anoka and will continue to tout its accomplishment with limited availability throwback packaging, special merchandise available on its website, an exhibit at the Anoka County Historical Society Museum and much more.

“Our workforce and business have never been stronger than they are today, and we owe it to a century of continuous innovation across every department in the company,” Vanderbrink added. “Many people and partners have contributed to our success and I’m proud to join the current team in making sure that tradition of excellence continues.”

The company launched in 1922, when founder Charles Horn stumbled across a closed factory—while shopping for machinery—and recognized its potential. Today the plant covers 700,000 square feet, and its 1,500 employees behind state-of-the-art technology produce millions of centerfire, rimfire and shotshell rounds each day. 

Federal is one of the Vista Outdoor companies, which also owns Remington Ammunition, Hevi-Shot, CCI, Speer, Independence, Alliant Powder and more in the outdoor industry. All ammunition brands, however, fall under the supervision of Vanderbrink. who explained, “We don’t just buy parts and put them together, or have other companies load stuff for us. We do it all on site, and every day our manufacturing facilities consume tons of plastic beads, lead, brass strips, copper, steel and chemicals.”


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