10 New Handguns For 2024

posted on January 24, 2024
Left-side view Colt Python blued-steel revolver wood stocks grips walnut gloss finish gun on wall peg blue sign with blurred text

SHOT Show 2024 saw the release of dozens of new handguns, ranging from all-new models to eagerly anticipated finish options on existing classics. American Rifleman's staff scoured the show floor, looking at the latest and greatest the firearm industry has to offer this year. Here are 10 stand-out options from many of the industry's top makers:

Left side of the new blued Colt Pythons.Colt's Blued Python
Colt lit up the industry with the re-launch of its storied Python revolvers in 2020, but at the start, all of the guns were made from stainless steel and given a polished finish. For Colt purists, the iconic Python was the carbon-steel gun with the signature royal-blued finish, and even as Colt rolled out more and more options in the Python lineup, the blued models were nowhere to be found. Now, for 2024, these guns are offered in carbon steel with a blued finish that recreates the classic look of the original Pythons. Blued guns are available with 4.25" and 6" barrels. MSRP: $1,599.

Right side of the Daniel Defense H9.Daniel Defense H9
Daniel Defense revived the Hudson H9, which was initially unveiled at the 2017 SHOT Show. After Hudson Mfg. filed for bankruptcy in 2019, Daniel Defense bought the company's patents and, this year, has finally released an updated version of the design. The Daniel H9 uses the same unique recoil-spring system as the original Hudson, which contributes to the larger dustcover design found on the frame. The gun is designed to provide an M1911-style trigger pull, as well as M1911-style ergonomics, with a striker-fired top end and 15-round, 9 mm Luger magazines. MSRP: $1,299.

Right side of the EAA Girsan Witness2311 10mm pistol.EAA Corp. Girsan Witness 2311 Series
European American Armory Corp. began rolling out select versions of its Witness 2311 guns in 2023, but the company realized its ambitions to roll out a complete lineup in 2024, providing handgun enthusiasts with a wide combination of barrel lengths and chamberings. These double-stack, 2011-style handguns can be had in 10 mm Auto, .45 ACP or 9 mm Luger. Optic-ready and target-sighted versions are available, and the guns can be had in 4.25", 5" or even 6" barrel lengths. MSRP: Starting at $999.

Right side of the Kimber R7 Mako Tactical.Kimber R7 Mako Tactical
Kimber's original R7 Mako was one of the most accurate micro-compact handguns ever tested by American Rifleman, and for 2024, the company is expanding its first-ever polymer-frame, micro-compact handgun to include a Tactical model. This R7 Mako Tactical includes a 3.7" threaded barrel compatible with suppressors and other muzzle devices, giving users that extra level of versatility. The guns are offered in Optic Ready and Optic Included options, with the included optic being a Holosun HS407K red-dot sight. MSRP: $734.

Right side of the Military Armament Corporation 1911-9 DS pistol.Military Armament Corporation 1911-9 DS
Military Armament Corporation is one of the latest companies to build on the 2011-style concept with its 1911-9 DS. DS, of course, stands for "double stack," and the 1911-9 DS uses a hybrid frame design comprised of carbon steel and reinforced polymer. The grip frame accepts all standard STI 2011-pattern magazines. The top end of the gun is cut for red-dot optics of the RMR footprint, and the pistol has a four-slot Picatinny accessory rail on the frame. MSRP: $1,099.

Right side of the Ruger Super Redhawk chambered in .22 Hornet.Ruger Redhawk .22 Hornet
Ruger expanded its Super Redhawk line in 2024 with an all-new model chambered for the blazing-fast .22 Hornet cartridge. This ruggedly built revolver has an eight-round cylinder and features a 9.5" barrel to take advantage of the .22 Hornet's ballistics. A 66-oz. unloaded weight means that this revolver is easy to shoot, as the large frame soaks up most felt recoil. A triple-locking cylinder ensures alignment and secures the cylinder into the frame during firing. MSRP: $1,499.

Left side of the Smith & Wesson Ultimate Carry J-Frame.Smith & Wesson Ultimate Carry J-Frame
Lipsey's worked with Smith & Wesson to design what it calls the "ultimate small-frame carry revolver." Built on Smith & Wesson's 642 and 442 models, the Ultimate Carry J-Frame uses an XS Tritium front sight for easy visibility and aiming, even in low light. A specially designed "High Horn" grip from VZ Grips provides a more comfortable firing grip, and the gun comes with what Lipsey's calls an "Endurance Package" using titanium pins to increase the durability of the aluminum frame. To boot, the Ultimate Carry J-Frame is offered in a "no lock" configuration, doing away with the internal locking mechanism found on nearly all Smith & Wesson revolvers. MSRP: $759.

Right side of the FDE-colored Springfield Armory TRP 1911.Springfield Armory TRP 1911s
Within the M1911 world, the "TRP" line of guns from Springfield Armory has always carried a particular kind of cachet. The initial lineup was inspired by the company's Custom Shop work, which was sought-after throughout the professional and commercial world, with military and law-enforcement units carrying Springfield-built M19111s. In 2024, Springfield has not only updated the line, it's also expanded it, with four models available. American Rifleman Field Editor Justin Dyal spent time with each and outlined the benefits of the new options in "Springfield Armory's Updated TRP 1911s."

Right side of the Taurus Deputy single-action revolver.Taurus Deputy
Taurus has a number of new handguns out recently, including the company's first 10 mm Auto-chambered handgun, the TH10, but one of the new surprises from the Brazilian-owned firearm maker is the Deputy, a classically styled, single-action revolver chambered in .45 Colt. The design replicates that of the classic Colt Single Action Army, down to the fluted, six-round cylinder, ejector-rod design, rounded front sight blade and grooved topstrap. A set of checkered polymer stocks completes the classic look. MSRP: $607.

Left side of the Walther Arms PDP Compact Steel Frame.Walther Arms PDP Compact Steel Frame
Walther Arms' PDP line of guns has become one of the most popular duty-style options on the market, thanks to the company's signature ergonomics and the reliability of the design. In 2024, Walther is taking its PDPs in a direction opposite of most companies, and it's only making the guns that much more durable and shootable. The PDP Full-Size and Compact Steel Frame are, of course, built with all-steel frames rather than the polymer frames used on the initial design. The added weight absorbs recoil energy, making the guns even more shootable, and despite the all-steel construction, the grip frames still retain Walther's signature ergonomics. MSRP: $1,699.

Of course, there are many more new options from manufacturers big and small across this ever-growing industry. Stay tuned to American Rifleman throughout the coming year to see the latest and greatest.


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