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Preview: zBones Mossy Oak Headphones

Preview: zBones Mossy Oak Headphones

Bone-conduction headphones from zBones provide users with high-quality sound and situational awareness in an attractive and comfortable package. The zBones Mossy Oak Headphones feature a flexible design that securely and comfortably fits most users—no more ear pain from improperly sized devices.

Ludwig van Beethoven, the nearly deaf composer of the 18th century, discovered and utilized bone conduction sound delivery to master his craft. The concept eventually merged with 21st-century technology to provide aid and entertainment for those wanting to hear a good tune.

zBones headphones transfer vibrations through the skeletal structure of the skull to deliver high-quality sound in an effective and safe way that allows sportsmen and women user to maintain situational awareness by having the ability to monitor ambient sound while the headphones are in use, whether used for talking on the phone or listening to a favored podcast or song. The flexible headband provides sufficient tension for a non-slip fit that is designed for motion and sweat.

Radio transmission is completed through Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This latest radio technology provides myriad benefits for users with up-to-date devices. In addition, backwards compatibility has been programmed to provide service to the many devices in use today.

The zBones open-ear design allows its user to “plug up” to protect against harsh sounds, and a foam pair of plugs is provided by zBones. Hands-free calling and answering is permitted while listening to music due to the advanced technology used. The unit can also control and activate artificial intelligence. Users will expect a six-hour runtime with the zBones Headphones and charging is completed via Micro USB.

The suggested retail price on the zBones Mossy Oak Headphones is $129.99. For more information, visit lovezbones.com.

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