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The Armed Citizen® May 26, 2020

The Armed Citizen® May 26, 2020

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Operators received a 911 call on Tuesday, April 21, from a woman who claimed she was being held at gunpoint. Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to the scene after being informed that the woman was being held for possible trespassing.

Upon arrival, deputies found a man and a woman being held at gunpoint by the property owner and a neighbor. According to reports, the couple were observed entering a travel trailer and several outbuildings on the property and ransacking them. The property owner arrived with a neighbor and held the couple at gunpoint, at which point, the woman made the 911 call.

After investigation, the man and woman were arrested on one count of burglary each, and it was found that the woman had an outstanding warrant as well. (Elko Daily, Elko, Nev., 04/21/2020)
From the Armed Citizen® Archives December 1973

In 1971, three robbers threw ammonia in jeweler Phil West's face and pistol-whipped him. Bound and gagged in his Cincinnati, Ohio, shop during a more recent robbery, West broke loose and struck back.

While two gunmen looted the store, West emerged from the back room with his gun and began firing. One assailant fell, mortally wounded. The other robber was also shot but escaped. West suffered only cuts and bruises. (The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio.)

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