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Editor’s Choice: Winchester AA Diamond Grade Elite

Editor’s Choice: Winchester AA Diamond Grade Elite

Winchester Ammunition has a high-performance addition to its a shotshell lineup. Called AA Diamond Grade Elite, these are loads intended for serious clays shooters, and the timing couldn't be better for a premium product like this, as clay-shooting competitions continue to expand across the country.

These clay-shooting shotshells employ the AA wad, but the lead shot has higher antimony content, so it does not deform as much as softer shot upon firing. Also, the shot is copper-plated and sorted for size and concentricity. One of the additional benefits of the AA wad is that it is designed to reduce felt recoil for the shooter by absorbing some of the energy from the shotshell's firing.

Thanks to the sorted shot and its protection from deformation during firing, the Winchester AA Diamond Grade shells are purpose-built to provide a perfect shot pattern that breaks clays in even the most challenging circumstances. The use of hardened shot means that shot patterns stay tighter, allowing shotgunners to break clays at extended distances.

It is available in 12 gauge only in 1-oz. loads at either 1250 or 1350 f.p.s. or in 1 
1⁄8-oz. loads at 1250 or 1300 f.p.s. winchester.com

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