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The Armed Citizen® March 23, 2020

The Armed Citizen® March 23, 2020

Armed Citizen Extra

A concealed-carry-license holder saved himself and potentially several other fellow shoppers at a small convenience store on Saturday morning in Greensboro, N.C. It started when a young man walked into the store and pulled a gun, ordering the shoppers behind the counter. As the robber held everyone at gunpoint, another unsuspecting customer walked into the store. He grabbed the new customer by her neck and began to push her toward the others behind the register.

The situation turned in a split second though, as one of the huddled customers took advantage of the distraction to draw his concealed pistol. The armed customer fired four to five shots at the robber. The shots only hit the assailant and not the woman he was holding by the throat. The would-be robber died after he was taken to the hospital. None of the clerks or shoppers were hurt in the incident. The entire incident, from start to finish, lasted no more than 45 seconds. (WFMY News 2, Greensboro, N.C., 02/29/2020)    

From the Armed Citizen® Archives October 1985

Hearing a commotion in back of his apartment, a St. Louis homeowner directed his wife to call police while he investigated with a gun. As he walked to a door, it burst open, and an armed intruder rushed toward him. Though warned, the intruder would not stop and was killed by a single shot. Police said the burglar had multiple felony convictions. (The Post Dispatch, St. Louis, Mo.)

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