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SHOT Show 2020: Winchester, Browning Announce New 350 Legend Loads

SHOT Show 2020: Winchester, Browning Announce New 350 Legend Loads

Winchester Ammunition’s 350 Legend was the runaway new cartridge introduction of the year in 2019, with not only three loads being offered by the company in time for the fall deer season, but also an assortment of options from competitors Federal and Hornady as well.

This is a remarkably high number of ammunition SKUs for a newborn chambering, and this year both Winchester and Browning are adding to the market by debuting an additional two loads each for the medium-bore, straight-wall cartridge.
Joining the 145-gr. full-metal-jacket, 150-gr. Deer Season and 180-gr. Power-Point loads already present in Winchester’s catalog are a 160-gr. Power Max Bonded offering and the cartridge’s first subsonic option, a 255-gr. Super Suppressed load.

As the name implies, the Power Max Bonded cartridges feature a lead core bonded to its jacket through a proprietary process to maximize weight retention, and according to company literature, the new hunting ammunition runs 2225 f.p.s. at the muzzle through a 20” test barrel, generating 1,759 ft.-lbs. of energy. Although Winchester doesn’t actually set the prices for its ammunition, the company anticipates a 20-count box of 350 Legend Power Max Bonded to sell for about $18.
Users of silencers, rejoice; there is finally a subsonic 350 Legend load—coinciding perfectly with the introduction of several threaded-barrel rifle models chambered for 350 Legend this year. Featuring an open-tip projectile designed to expand even at velocities south of the sound barrier, the 255-gr. Super Suppressed rounds will make a suitable hunting choice if the range of the target is kept reasonable. Winchester literature places the load’s velocity at 1060 f.p.s. with 636 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy. MSRP is expected to be down around $11 per box of 20.
Winchester’s corporate relative Browning Ammunition has also developed a pair of new 350 loads for 2020, including another potent hunting option and the fastest (and lightest) factory load offered to date. The former is a 155-gr. addition to the company’s BXR line, while the latter is a 124-gr. FMJ.

Featuring a Rapid Expansion Matrix Tip composed of a copper/polymer mixture that disintegrates immediately upon contact to promote rapid expansion, the BXR load is intended for use on deer-size game. It clocks in at 2300 f.p.s. with an impressive 1,820 ft.-lbs. of energy at the muzzle. It is expected to retail for roughly $17 per box of 20.
Racing 2500 f.p.s. (1,721 ft.-lbs.) through a 20” test barrel, a speedy figure for a straight-wall projectile, Browning’s new 124-gr. FMJs make for a flatter-shooting practice round for 350 Legend owners than the existing 145-gr. solids. At a projected price of just $8 for a 20-count box, it gives shooters a second FMJ choice that won’t break the bank. For more on the above four new 350 Legend loads, visit winchester.com and browningammo.com.​

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