SHOT Show Highlight: EOTech Magnifiers

posted on January 23, 2020

Best known for its cutting-edge line of battle-proven Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS), EOTech also offers a variety of other tactical products, including thermal imaging equipment, lights, lasers and fixed-power magnifiers—and the company has introduced three new models of the latter at SHOT Show 2020

The trio of new products, the G30, G43 and G45, are all evolutions of the G33 magnifier already present in the EOTech lineup, and while each is compatible with the company’s entire series of holographic optics, they all vary in terms of size, features, potential applications and price point, and as such will appeal to a broad range of different end users.


Perfect for the cost-conscious buyer, the G30 magnifier offers the same 3X zoom as does the G33, but at less than half the cost. Retailing for just $319, the new unit is more or less identical to the G33 in size and weight—the G30 measures 4” long and weighs 9.5 ozs. compared to the G33’s 3.9” length and 11.2-oz. weight.

Unlike the G33 (and the other two models just released), the G30’s Picatinny rail-compatible mount does not allow the magnifier to be quickly flipped out of the line of sight for unmagnified use of the HWS, but its quick-detach fixed mount does allow for speedy and simple installation behind the optic. Despite its more accessible price tag, the new model is water-resistant to 3 ft., offers a 7.3° field of view and an eye relief of 2.2”, and is sealed to provide fog resistance. The G30 is shipping now.


Offering the same high quality as the G33 but in a much more compact package, the new G43 is among the smallest magnifiers on the market. Weighing the same as its forebear (11.2 ozs.) but measuring an abbreviated 2.9” in length, the new miniature magnifier requires only 1” of Picatinny rail space in order to quickly mount to the firearm.

The G43’s mount also features azimuth adjustment, allowing the user to transition between 1X and 3X in less than a second, and turrets allow the optic’s lenses to be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to better align with the reticle of the HWS. Priced at $629, the fog-resistant G43 is also water-resistant to 33 ft., and offers a 7.5° field of view even greater than the G33’s. The G43 is expected to hit the market in spring of 2020.


Offering greater magnification than the G33 without adding much more heft, the new G45 is a 5X unit that weighs only 12.8 ozs. Perfect for when precision is needed at greater distances, the G45 is actually slightly shorter in length (3.7”) than its predecessor.

As with the G43, the G45 features tool-free lens-adjustment turrets, and its QD Picatinny mount requires just two rail slots for installation and allows the optic to be rapidly flipped into and out of alignment with its associated HWS.

Also similar to the G43, the G45 is water-resistant to 33 ft. and has an eye relief of 2.6”, however, owing to its 5X zoom, it has only a 4.4° field of view. The new G45 will retail for $669. EOTech  anticipates that the G45 will reach shelves in Q2 of this year.

For more on the new magnifiers unveiled at SHOT Show 2020 by EOTech, and the rest of the company’s product line, visit​


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