5 Hot New Guns from SIG Sauer

posted on January 19, 2020
Before the start of SHOT Show 2020, SIG Sauer provided media with a glimpse into its product line for the year ahead. American Rifleman staff were on-hand to take a look at all the company had to offer, and it's quite a spread. In the last few years, SIG has made a concerted effort to not only enter but excel in multiple areas of both firearm and accessory markets, and its 2020 product lineup clearly outlines that drive.

Among the many guns that stood out in SIG's new-for-2020 lineup, there were five that are worth highlighting. Check them out below, along with a few features and imagery straight from SIG Range Day:


Like I said above, SIG makes no bones about wanting to dominate as many segments of the firearm marketplace as possible, and one glaring exception in the company's lineup is the lack of a dedicated bolt-action rifle. That hole has been filled in 2020 with the launch of the CROSS.

Designed as a hybrid platform that can pull double-duty in both the precision and hunting world, the SIG Sauer CROSS Rifle features a unique, single-piece receiver arrangement that negates the need for a bedding chassis. The receiver houses the bolt, trigger unit and magazine well. 


Following the U.S. Army's solicitation of the SIG P320 as its official sidearm in the form of the M17/M18 platform, SIG Sauer has rightly capitalized on its position as a military supplier by offering commercial variants that mimic the specifications and controls offered on the military-issue gun.

SIG released its consumer model of the full-size M17 in 2019, providing handgun fans with the P320-M17. However, the compact model also attracted fans, and SIG answered by giving consumers a carry-ready model in the form of the P320-M18.

P365XL RomeoZero

Though the SIG Sauer P365 certainly provided an incredible, carry-ready option in the form of the world's first micro-compact, some consumers asked for a comparable offering that had slightly larger dimensions. This could capitalize on the unique stagger-stack magazine design by providing enhanced capacity in a handgun that could still be carried easily. The answer was the P365XL.

Now, SIG is capitalizing on the increasing popularity of slide-mounted reflex sights by offering the P365XL with its new RomeoZero red-dot sight, one of the smallest reflex sights on the market today. The RomeoZero weighs less than half an ounce and is available in both 6- and 3-MOA models. Best of all, the RomeoZero reaps the benefits of SIG's work in electro-optics and boasts an impressive 20,000-hour battery life.

P210 Carry

One of the legendary guns in the SIG lineup is the original P210, a single-stack, single-action, hammer-fired handgun that served for decades as the dedicated sidearm of the Swiss military. SIG Sauer excited handgun fans with the launch of U.S.-made models in the form of the P210 Standard and the P210 Target. However, consumers asked for a carry-ready version, and they got it in 2020 in the form of the P210 Carry.

This P210 Carry features a shortened barrel, night sights and an aluminum frame, making it the perfect size and weight for CCW use. However, even despite these changes, it still retains all of the features that fans love about the P210 platform, including the ergonomics, crisp single-action trigger, hammer-fired operating system and the 8-round magazine capacity.

Tread .308 Win

SIG rolled out its Tread AR-15 lineup as a modular rifle platform that could be easily upgraded by the end user, thanks to a range of available components provided by the company. However, one element of an AR-15 that can't be easily upgraded is its caliber, particularly when it comes to short-action offerings. SIG addressed this reality by expanding its AR-style Tread lineup with an all-new, AR-style rifle chambered for .308 Win.

Like the company's AR-15-size rifle, the Tread .308 Win. can be easily upgraded with a number of available components ordered from SIG Sauer. For shooters who want to upgrade to a short-action gas gun, the Tread .308 Win. is a great model that provides an upgradeable package that still packs a high-quality punch straight from the box

Special Mention: 277 SIG Fury

While certainly not a firearm of any kind, a look at SIG Sauer's 2020 offerings would be remiss to not mention the company's revolutionary new cartridge design. Developed as part of the company's package offering for the U.S. Military's Next-Generation Squad Weapons program, the .277 SIG Fury features a unique, hybrid case design that combines a brass case neck and shoulder with a case body and head made from steel.

The reason for this case design is that the .277 SIG Fury uses increased chamber pressures to drive the .277-caliber round at a higher velocity. Since chamber pressures in this cartridge can reach 80,000 PSI, a steel case head works better than a brass case head to contain these heightened pressures. Is this the future of ammunition development? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at this cartridge from American Rifleman.


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