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The Armed Citizen® May 6, 2019

The Armed Citizen® May 6, 2019

In Texas, a 38-year-old man seeking to buy an iPhone agreed to meet with a supposed seller. The purchaser answered an ad posted on a social media app and went to an agreed location in rural Galveston County. Using having to go to work early as an excuse, the would-be seller arranged the meeting time for 5 a.m. After the potential buyer arrived, he was handed an empty box by the seller, who then attempted to rob him. In response, the armed citizen used his firearm in self-defense and shot the apparent thief three times. The wounded man was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival. (thou.com, Houston, Texas, 2/20/19)

Armed Citizen Extra
An old fashioned cat burglar was stopped in his tracks one Wednesday morning in Lancaster, Ky. After entering a local business through the roof, the intruder was confronted by the owner, who lives there. As if that weren't enough, the unwelcome visitor then threatened the owner who, not taking kindly to the promise of violence, shot him. The injury was not life threatening, and the burglar was released from a hospital shortly afterward, into the custody of a local detention center. (WKYT, Lancaster, Ky., 4/24/19)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives
May 1972
Mrs. Willie Green, 65, was clerking in a Chicago store when one of two "customers" pulled a gun and rushed to the cash register. Mrs. Green grabbed the robber's gun and screamed. The store manager, Benjamin Johnson, 82 then shot the bandit in the chest with a .38 and the other man fled. (The Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Ill.)

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