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SHOT Show 2019: Nighthawk Interchangeable Optic System

SHOT Show 2019: Nighthawk Interchangeable Optic System

Previously, shooters who wanted an RMR mounted on a pistol was required to make a permanent modification to the slide, and mount an adapter plate for a specific RMR. This would limit the user to that one RMR and would completely remove the rear sight cut—fine if the shooter has selected his or her “forever” RMR optic.

However, environments change, and the rear optic also should be able to change. Nighthawk Custom is now providing the option between several RMR optics without taking away the fixed rear sight option with its Interchangeable Optics System (IOS) optic mounting system, which doesn't limit the user to one fixed sight. The user is able to change from iron sights to red dot optics in less than 30 seconds by simply loosening the set screw, pushing a pin out and sliding off the plate.

The slide has a tapered cut that returns the mount to the same spot each time a shooter remounts, maintaining zero. Three plate options accommodate the Trijicon RMR, the Viper Vortex and the RMSc Shield.

The IOS ensures perfect alignment between the fixed sights, delivering a lower one-third co-witness with the red dots. Additionally, this system allows for the user the ability to maintain a standard height front sight while running a red-dot optic.

“The IOS is an incredible opportunity to seamlessly enhance the Nighthawk 1911’s. With minimal investment, you can add the IOS to any existing pistol, even if you have not yet made your red dot selection,” said Nighthawk COO Nelson Davis. “The ease and adaptability of this system allows users to alternate between the standard look and function of fixed front and rear sights or modern red dot optics.”

MSRP is $350.00 and includes the standard iron sight plate (IOS slide cut and standard round top plate); additional optic plates are $150.00 each. For more, visit nighthawkcustom.com.
IOS Option Features:
     -Plate returns to zero
     -Rear sight alignment between plates
     -Fully machined from prehard material
     -Standard Novak sight cut
     -Low profile
     -Quick and easy plate removal
     -Standard Hight front sight for either iron sight or red dot use



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