Nighthawk Custom Shadowhawk

posted on April 11, 2015

If you count yourself among enthusiasts of the modern M1911, then you should be familiar with Nighthawk Custom. Located in Berryville, Ark., Nighthawk has built its reputation on quality. Combining the best, fully machined components with old-world handcraftsmanship, Nighthawk's custom M1911s are built from start to finish by the same gunsmith. "One gun, one gunsmith," is an apt motto for the company, and its skilled craftsman have such pride and ownership in their work that at the end of each build, the gunsmith stamps his initials in the frame.

We've talked this year about the growth in optics-ready handguns, and Nighthawk Custom has an offering of its own in the category, the Shadowhawk with a Trijicon RMR. The 5"-barreled Shadowhawk possesses all the quality and accuracy inherent to Nighthawk firearms, and it is elevated to the next level of utility with the addition of a Trijicon RMR red-dot sight and Trijicon tall tritium Night Sights. The RMR is mounted to the slide via a specially designed base and, interestingly, the rear sight is actually integral to that mounting base. The positive attributes of red-dot and reflex sights are too many to list here, but suffice it to say that in instances where fast target acquisition is required, or when a firearm is being handled by one with aging eyes, these optical sights have proved their effectiveness time and time again. The Shadowhawk with RMR is a great addition to the growing optics-ready market, and should perform well in myriad pistol pursuits, from hunting to competition to personal defense.


Theodoore Roosevelt Rough Riders San Juan Hill American Flag
Theodoore Roosevelt Rough Riders San Juan Hill American Flag

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