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New Options for Federal's Syntech Ammunition

New Options for Federal's Syntech Ammunition

Federal Premium has introduced three new types of Syntech ammunition: Syntech Defense, Syntech PPC and Syntech Training Match.

Syntech Defense provides dynamic terminal performance with a hollow-point bullet that separates into three segments and a deep-penetrating core on impact. The core penetrates 12 to 18 inches through bare ballistics gel and heavy clothing. It is available in 9 mm Luger 138-gr., 40 S&W 175-gr., and 45 Auto 205-gr.

Syntech PCC is built to meet the exhaustive demands of fast-pace Pistol Caliber Carbine competitions. Velocity and accuracy are optimized for carbine barrel lengths, with a bullet profile that provides excellent accuracy and reliable feeding in a variety of platforms, and is offered in 9 mm Luger 130-gr.

Syntech Training Match loads offer the same velocity, trajectory and point of impact as equivalent Federal Premium Personal Defense HST and Tactical HST duty ammunition, and is available in 9 mm Luger 147-gr., 9 mm Luger 124-gr., 40 S&W 180-gr., and 45 Auto 230-gr.

Federal launched Syntech in 2017 as an answer to conventional ammunition, which causes metal-on-metal contact between the bullet and bore, reducing barrel life. The polymer-encapsulated Syntech bullet prevents this, while eliminating copper and lead fouling. Absence of a copper jacket also minimizes splash-back when shooting steel targets. Combined with specialized clean-burning powders, the technology keeps guns cleaner, longer, so you can shoot more—and shoot better. Finally, the exclusive Catalyst primer provides the cleanest most consistent ignition possible. All those features and benefits are the reason Syntech received NRA Shooting Illustrated’s 2017 Golden Bullseye Award for Ammunition Product.

In 2018, Syntech Action Pistol was introduced. This ammunition is specifically designed for the action shooting sports and loaded to power factor requirements with heavy, flatter-nosed bullets for more reliable knock-downs on steel targets in competition.

For more information on all products from Federal, visit federalpremium.com.


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