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Tonight on American Rifleman TV: The Springfield Story; Springfield 911 Pistol; Seecamp LWS Pistol

Springfield Armory is one of the best-known firearm companies in the United States. But it really all started with one rifle, the M1A, which today is still made in Geneseo, Ill. In our feature story, we go to the very beginnings of Springfield Armory and talk with owner Denny Reese; champion shooter Rob Leatham; and the head of the Springfield custom, shop Dave Williams. Watch a preview here

This week's “Rifleman Review“ also comes from Springfield Armory, the 911, a single-action, semi-automatic .380 ACP pistol designed for concealed carry. It is a gun that makes extensive use of G10, including the trigger and backstrap.

One of the pioneering concealed-carry firearms of the modern era is the Seecamp. Once the choice of professionals as a back-up gun, the double-action-only .25 ACP Seecamp—a gun devoid of sights—is one of the most important guns to come out of the late 20th century.

For more American Rifleman TV, tune in Wednesday nights on the Outdoor Channel.

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