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I Have This Old Gun: Colt 1878 Double-Action Revolver

Despite its success in the single-action revolver market, Colt fell behind when double-action revolvers became popular in the late 1870s. The Colt 1878 was a robust, large-frame revolver that would carry the company into the 20th century.

Rifleman Review: Springfield Armory Garrison 1911

At the tail end of 2021, Springfield Armory rolled out its Garrison collection of M1911 pistols. These guns feature classic M1911 styling and are built on forged frames with forged slides and barrels, providing an ultra-durable, yet still affordable, M1911 for enthusiasts.

Maj. Jim Land & The Major Land Sniper Cup

Major Edward "Jim" Land is the namesake of the Major Land Sniper's Cup, a long-range precision shooting competition held annually in Gladstone, Va.

I Have This Old Gun: M1895 Nagant Revolver

In the 1890s, Imperial Russia embarked on an effort to modernize its military, adopting the M1891 Mosin-Nagant rifle and, later, the M1895 Nagant revolver. Unlike many other service revolvers of the time, the Nagant had a unique mechanism designed to get the most out of its cartridge.

Shotshell Innovation At Winchester Ammunition

Winchester is one of the industry leaders when it comes to shotshell ammunition. The company stays on top of the market by innovating with its shot, powder, primers and other components.

I Have This Old Gun: Pattern 1851 Minié Rifle

Until the 1850s, the British military still used a large-caliber, smoothbore musket as its main infantry arm. That all changed with the introduction of the Pattern 1851 Minié Rifle.

Rifleman Review: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus OR In 30 Super Carry

Smith & Wesson expanded its lineup of M&P Shield Plus handguns to include a model in Federal Ammunition's 30 Super Carry cartridge, which enhances magazine capacity even more.

Silencer Central: A Closer Look

Silencer Central continues to expand, offering a wide variety of services and expedited electronic approvals for suppressor buyers.

I Have This Old Gun: Savage Arms Model 1907

While Savage might be better known for its line of rifles, the company has made some stand-out handguns throughout its history. One such gun is the Model 1907.

Rifleman Review: Rock River Arms Assurance Carbine

While designed for law-enforcement and government use, the Rock River Arms Assurance Carbine is available in semi-automatic format for the commercial market.

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