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Fear and Loading: Ergo Celebrates 20 Years

Fear and Loading: Ergo Celebrates 20 Years

It’s not unique to the firearm industry, but it’s here where small businesses—often headquartered in parts of rural America far from major metropolitan areas—survive and go on to thrive in disproportionately large numbers. Ergo celebrating its 20th anniversary this month underscores that fact.

The company, which gained the attention of shooters with its original Ergo Grip, is based in Moriarty, N.M. The city may have 2,000 residents by now, although it could be less since the 2010 U.S. Census indicated only 1,910 people then called it home. The village is a 43-minute drive west on I-40 to get into Albuquerque, N.M. Drive east and you’ll go through Clines Corners, a name most have never heard, unless you’re a wildlife watcher—all the antelope lounging around that high plateau are hard to forget.

Yet, when founder Steve Hines introduced a textured and overmolded AR grip designed to increase shooter accuracy and comfort, Ergo appeared on shooter’s maps. Moriarty didn’t, although the small town and its residents most certainly felt the economic benefit. That early success indicated there was a growing demand for ergonomic grips and AR accessories, so the company developed more products for firearms, including the Tactical Deluxe Grip, F93 Pro Stock, Rail Covers, Rail Systems and AK Grips.

All of Ergo’s products are designed, manufactured and packaged in the United States, and built tough enough to carry a lifetime guarantee. Today it offers top-quality aftermarket grips and accessories for ARs, AKs, Remington and Mossberg shotguns, 1911s, revolvers and Ergo Shotgun Stock Adapters that allow users to fit AR grips and stocks on their shotgun.

The company held a party at its headquarters this month to celebrate. Twenty years of creating quality firearm upgrades for military, law enforcement and farm/home use, through economic and political challenges that have forced others to shutter their doors—from a rural region—is the kind of milestone deserving of attention. 

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