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Rifleman Q & A: 7.65 mm Or .32 ACP?

Rifleman Q & A: 7.65 mm Or .32 ACP?

Q: I have a German 7.65 mm Browning-chambered Ortgies semi-automatic pistol, and when using .32 ACP cartridges (as local dealers recommend) it tends to jam after shooting three to five rounds. The jamming appears to be at the time of ejection of a spent case. My question is: Are .32 ACP cartridges really the same as 7.65 mm Browning or is there a slight difference? If so, where can I purchase 7.65 mm ammunition, as no one locally supplies true 7.65 mm, and places like Sportsman’s Guide or Cabela’s, etc., don’t handle that exact cartridge either?

A: While the .32 ACP and 7.65 mm Browning cartridges are dimensionally identical, some early European ammunition was loaded to slightly higher pressures, which can cause a problem similar to yours. The best way to address that is at the gun. First, I would make sure it is clean and well-lubricated. Then, if the problem persists, contact Wolff Gunsprings at (800) 545-0077 or at gunsprings.com. The company is very knowledgeable and should be able to suggest a reduced-power mainspring.

—Charles E. Petty

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