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Inland Mfg. Chooses Aguila M1 Carbine Ammo

Inland Mfg. Chooses Aguila M1 Carbine Ammo

As Inland Manufacturing gears up for the 75th anniversary of the M1 Carbine with its circa World War II reproductionsAguila Ammunition is celebrating the 75th anniversary of .30 Carbine ammunition—the exact same ammunition named by Inland as the choice ammo for the celebrated model.

“M1 Carbines are great to shoot, but can be temperamental if the wrong ammunition is used. That's why the ammunition you feed it is important,” said Inland Mfg. Founder and President Ron Norton. “While surplus .30 Carbine ammunition is running low, factory rounds are readily available from various manufacturers. We have tested and run a lot of ammo through our rifles. Aguila shoots flawlessly, making it the choice ammo for the M1 Carbine.”

In conjunction with the M1 Carbine reproductions, Aguila is re-launching a specialty .30 Carbine round, featured in 75th anniversary packaging. It will be available on May 20, 2016 in 300-round bulk quantity (available now for pre-order), packaged in a plastic .30-cal. ammo can, co-branded by Aguila and Inland.

“We are honored to be the choice ammunition for the Inland M1,” said Texas Armament/Aguila Ammunition Founder and President Chris Sadler. “The .30 Carbine Full Metal Jacket, 110-gr. round was designed to be fired from the M1 Carbinea light military rifle that's garnered popularity with civilian shooters. Not only do we get to celebrate the history of such a reliable firearm and accurate ammunition, but for us, we can celebrate this new partnership with Inland Mfg.”

MSRP: $164.95. For more information, visit inland-mfg.com/storefront.html

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