NRA Gun of the Week: Magnum Research Barracuda .22 WMR MLR

Nearly 10 years ago Sturm, Ruger & Co. ceased production of its venerable 10/22 rifle chambered in .22 WMR, but it surely didn’t leave the market dry. Magnum Research, Inc. was there to pick up the slack, offering its own line of 10/22 rifle-clones and chambering quite the variety of rimfire cartridges. Featured this week is the MLR22WMBW Barracuda—one of the most potent of rimfires available—.22 WMR, a departure from Magnum Research's most notable associations, the Desert Eagle .50 AE and BFR (Biggest Finest Revolver).

The MLR (Magnum Lite Rifle) offers features most would expect to see out of a high-end production rimfire. A fully CNC-machined aluminum receiver with integrated Weaver-style rail is the basis of the platform. Attached is a stainless steel and composite graphite wrapped barrel to deliver pinpoint accuracy whether used for plinking or small-game hunting. Ammunition is fed by a detachable, rotary, nine-round capacity magazine and fired by a very clean single-stage trigger. A uniquely shaped, American black walnut stock wraps the barreled action and gives the MLR its name, “Barracuda.” Weighing in at a light 4.45 lbs. the price tag feels a bit heavier at an MSRP of $941. For more information, visit

Manufacturer: Magnum Research, Inc
Model: MLR22WMBW Barracuda
 .22 WMR
Action: semi-automatic rimfire rifle
Frame: anodized aluminum
Barrel: 19” stainless steel/graphite with 11-degree muzzle crown
Rifling: six-groove, 1:16” RH twist
Magazine: nine-round-capacity; detachable, rotary magazine 
Sights: none; integral Weaver-style scope base
Trigger: single-stage: 4-lb., 4.-oz. pull
Stock: American black walnut, Barracuda-style 
Overall Length: 37 9/16”
Weight: 4.45 lbs
Accessories: owner’s manual, cable lock
MSRP: $941

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