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Taylor’s & Co. Black Rock 1858 New Army

Taylor’s & Co. Black Rock 1858 New Army

One of the greatest challenges modern black powder enthusiasts face is the corrosive nature of their shooting hobby. Black powder residues will eat through fine blued steel in no time if the shooter isn’t careful about keeping their cap and ball revolvers clean. The new .44 caliber Black Rock Series 1858 New Army from Taylor’s & Co., Inc. features a matte black nitride-hardened corrosion resistant finish.

This tough hardening process has already been proven to help protect modern cartridge guns from dirt, salt and tough weather conditions. Used to treat a black powder revolver like this one, the nitride finish means the shooter can enjoy a full day at the range and can transport of their firearm home without the fear of the gun rusting up if it can’t be cleaned right away.

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