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Upgrade The Tavor Safety With Manticore Arms Levers

Upgrade The Tavor Safety With Manticore Arms Levers

The best Gun DIY projects are the ones that require the least effort but yield the most noticeable results. A perfect example is the Lever, Upgraded Metal Ambidextrous (LUMA) from Manticore Arms. This drop-in replacement for the single-side polymer lever and indicator that are factory–installed on Tavor bullpup rifles is available in two thicknesses, medium and slim, and either one can be installed on either, or both, sides of the rifle. The U.S.-made levers are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with a black anodized finish and can be easily attached to the dovetailed ends of the Tavor’s factory selector shaft by using a small pin punch or paper clip to depress the small pin that pops up once the unit is slid fully into place. If the fit is tight, use a dab of grease on the shaft and wiggle the levers into place. If you elect to get two levers for an ambidextrous installation, the slim one will make the most sense being installed on the same side as your strong hand. That way the safety can be flicked off with the thumb or the index finger of that hand. The levers are reasonably priced, and, I think, make a great gun even better. Total installation time is about two minutes.

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