Kimber America Warrior M1911 semi-automatic pistol gun firearm closeup stamping barrel

Kimber's Warrior: The Wiley Clapp Review

The Kimber Warrior, a full-size, .45 ACP-chambered 1911 with features that reflect the requirements of USMC Special Operations personnel, was crafted with the intention to be used for rough service in desert climes.

New For 2022: CZ Scorpion 3+ Pistol

CZ USA announced the release of a new and improved version of its Scorpion line of large-format pistols with the introduction of the new Scorpion 3+ Micro.

Product Preview: Mission First Tactical Minimalist Ambidextrous Appendix Holster

Mission First Tactical (MFT) has released its Minimalist Ambidextrous Appendix Holster.

H&K VP9 Pistol now with Push-Button Mag Release Option

If you love the VP9 pistol but hate the European-style ambidextrous paddle mag release, you now have the option of a new U.S.-style reversible push button release in the VP9-B model.

Video—ARTV: LWRCI IC-Di Review

Watch the full "Rifleman Review" segment from this recent episode of American Rifleman TV as Joe Kurtenbach takes a look at the LWRCI IC-Di.

Product Preview: Remora Inside the Waistband RFT Gen II Holster

An American-made, ambidextrous, no-clip holster design, the Remora Inside the Waistband RFT is held in place along the belt line by the adhesion provided by its tacky, non-slip, silicon outer skin.

Ambi Safety Selector

There were announcements big enough at the SHOT Show to register on the Richter scale, which means some neat stuff flew under the radar.

Kel-Tec CMR-30

If you own the popular Kel-Tec PMR-30 pistol, the new CMR-30 will feel familiar, as the Carbine Magnum chambered for .22 WMR is essentially the rifle version of the pistol.

Ambidexterity Revisited

Wiley Clapp says it's important to understand that the ambidextrous pistol is not there to please left-handed shooters, but rather to offer a gun for all shooters that is more efficient for a greater variety of situations.

Ambidexterity in Handguns

There may be upward of 41 million left-handed Americans, and a significant number of these people are shooters who must deal with firearms designed for right-handed use.

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