Range Tested: EAA Girsan Untouchable MC1911

posted on April 18, 2024

European American Armory Corp.'s Untouchable MC1911 is produced in Giresun, Turkey, in one of the most advanced firearm manufacturing facilities in the world. Among the company's offerings, the Untouchable stands out as being an incredibly competitive offering within the M1911 world, as it offers a finish level and a feature set that's unheard of at the gun's price point. NRA Publications Editorial Director Mark Keefe examined one of EAA Corp.'s Untouchable MC1911s in a recent range visit, and you can watch his experience in the video above.

Right side of the EAA Corp. Girsan Untouchable MC1911 displayed on a wooden shooting bench.

"So this gun is really straight-up 1911," NRA Publications Editorial Director Mark Keefe said. "This would be familiar to John Moses Browning or really anybody who knows about the 1911."

In building the Untouchable MC1911, Girsan stuck with classic design features, including Series 70 internals. One nod to drop-safety and modernization included in the gun is the lightened firing pin.

"The gun in my hands is the full-size, the Government-model size, with a 5" barrel," NRA Publications Editorial Director Mark Keefe said. "But this is a whole line of guns available in different finishes, as well as different sizes. There's a 4.4" Commander-size gun, as well as a 3.4"-barreled gun that's really modeled on the Officers."

Three different-sized models of the EAA Corp. Girsan Untouchable MC1911 displayed with different finishes.

On this particular model of the Untouchable MC1911, a set of tastefully finished stock panels include an aggressive, hexagonal pattern that anchors the gun in the hand during firing. Purchase is also enhanced through the inclusion of a checkered mainspring housing and textured frontstrap. A generously sized and well-fitted beavertail grip safety also protects the hand from the skeletonized external hammer and encourages a high firing grip.

"Now when you look under the slide, you'll see there's no complicated safeties or anything like that," Keefe said. "But you do have an internal extractor on the right side, internal short extractor. When it comes to the rest of the gun, it's straight 1911 lockwork."

Other straight-up M1911 features on the Untouchable MC1911 include a single-sided, push-button magazine release and slide-stop lever. However, the Girsan includes an upgrade in the form of bilateral thumb safety levers at the rear of the frame. The gun makes use of a set of classically styled, dovetailed sights, and a four-slot Picatinny accessory rail on the frame's dustcover makes it easy to add a light or laser.

Right side of the EAA Corp. Girsan Untouchable MC1911 pistol displayed on a wooden shooting bench.

"So Girsan makes heavy use of Cerakote as a finish," Keefe said. "This one is very nice. It's tasteful. It's basic black."

Other finish options in EAA Corp.'s Girsan Untouchable MC1911 line include black camo, OD green camo and two-tone. Guns are also available in 9 mm Luger as well as .45 ACP.

"So when it comes to an affordable 1911 in God's caliber, as far as I'm concerned, .45 ACP, this Untouchable is really quite a gun, especially for the price," Keefe said.

For full details on European American Armory Corp.'s Girsan Untouchable MC1911, visit eaacorp.com.


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