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Crimson Trace Clean Green Laser Sights

Crimson Trace Clean Green Laser Sights

Crimson Trace has announced an expansion of its Clean Green line of green laser sights to fit 1911, Glock and Springfield Armory handguns.

The new lines include Laserguards for full-size and compact 1911s, Gen3 and Gen4 Glocks and Springfield Armory XD and XD(M) full-size handguns. Also available are Lasergrips for 1911s that are designed to provide a “just like the factory” fit for full-size 1911s.

The new 1911 Lasergrips (LG-401G) are powered by four batteries to provide a true 12V system. This quad-battery system results in enhanced power output and prolonged battery life for its 515nm green laser.

Through a technological break-through, Crimson Trace green lasers project green as the base-color wave length, which overcomes the “bluish” hue produced by some green lasers.

"Once again, the engineering and operations team at Crimson Trace show why we've been leading the industry for 20 years," said Kent Thomas, director of Marketing. "We believe it's our responsibility to set the high bar for technology and innovation that give America's gun owners the best possible advantage for personal protection."

Crimson Trace’s Clean Green technology can also be found in Lasergrips for Smith & Wesson J-Frame round-butt revolvers and the Rail Master Pro, which combines a laser with a 100-lumen white light.

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