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U.S. Shooting Team Auction

U.S. Shooting Team Auction

Handguns are intensely personal tools and some shooters cannot resist the temptation to further personalize their hardware. Sam Colt knew this as well as anyone in the gun business, and he hired some of the world’s greatest artisans to engrave revolvers for customers.

All of the major handgun makers continue to maintain a staff of skilled craftsmen to ornament their products. It’s getting harder to do, since many of today’s pistols come with polymer receivers, which doesn’t respond well to engraving. However, the barrel and slide is steel and can be engraved. This note is about a particular item of hardware that is a polymer gun that is also engraved. And you can own it.

The gun is a Ruger LC9 made in Ruger’s custom shop. While the bottom is a stock gun, the top is beautifully scroll engraved and coated with a special bronze coating. A handsome little piece if there ever was one, this little 9 mm auto is the only one like it in the world. This custom gun will be auctioned off by GunBroker.com, with the money derived from the auction going to the U.S. Shooting Team. So if your bid is the winning one, it will directly impact American shooters in International shooting.

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