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Workplace Plan

Workplace Plan

While work place violence is rare, it can happen and survival is greatly increased by having a plan. You should have at least two preplanned escape routes in case one is blocked and always know the fastest way to those routes from wherever you are located at the time.

In case you can’t get out, you should also have a secure location where you can lock the door and hide, and know the location of items that could be used to fight in an emergency. Chair and fire extinguishers can be swung, and ceramic coffee mugs also make excellent projectiles in a pinch, if you’re not allowed to carry concealed in your place of work.

Another tip is keeping your cell phone on your person for calling the authorities rather than leaving it at your work station. The more information that the police have in situations such as these, the better they can plan to eliminate the threat and save lives.

You have developed a home plan for keeping your family safe, so why wouldn’t you have a work plan? You spend a lot of time there and want to always make it home safely.

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