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The Use of Pepper Spray

The Use of Pepper Spray

In regard to my Unarmed Defense blog, questions were asked about my thoughts about pepper spray, and why I was not carrying any when visiting Las Vegas for SHOT Show.

My thoughts on pepper stray are simple: Any tool that can be utilized to keep body and soul safe should be considered and used if that is your best option. Up until recently, my wife carried a Kimber PepperBlaster in her purse. The reason she doesn’t still have it is because it had a use by date, which had expired, and I decided to kick it off in my in-law’s backyard in South Carolina over Thanksgiving.

The PepperBlaster sent both shots the promised 12 to 14 feet, which really is all I can say about it since no one would let me hit them with it, including myself. I cannot testify to its strength, but believe that it would stop the average attacker.

Now as to why I wasn’t carrying pepper spray in Vegas? That is a simple question. Taking pepper spray onto a plane requires the same hassles of traveling with a gun—must be in checked luggage and declared—or possibly more if it is pressurized. If I was going to go through that, I might have well have carried my Kimber.

I don’t carry pepper spray because I carry a gun. In most places that I can’t carry a gun, I can’t carry pepper spray. However, I would love to know, without taking a shot of it, what being hit with pepper spray is like. Can anyone describe that feeling?

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