SIG Sauer Launches Legion Series P226/P229 Pistols

posted on October 6, 2015

When SIG Sauer announces significant enhancements to any of its products, let alone two of its most recognized platforms in service—the P226 and P229—civilian handgun enthusiasts and professional operators alike tend to listen a little closer.

Today there will no doubt be much attention paid as SIG unveils its new “Legion Series,” which is partly composed of these two pistols that have been enhanced and created directly from input of the most elite professional operators around the world. Quite simply, SIG asked them for a wish list of features or changes they’d like made to their pistols, and then based on their answers, designed and manufactured such guns. Mark Keefe was among the first to fire one of these new pistols—the SIG P229 9 mm, and you can see the video here or on our YouTube channel.  

For now, the professionals will be required to operate their government-issued versions of the guns, but the good news is that civilians can immediately take advantage of the Legion Series pistols, whose name derives from the great Roman armies and designates elite membership among the world’s military and professional communities. These pistols have been built not only to meet, but exceed, the demands of the elite operators.

According to the folks at SIG Sauer, the “Legion” is more than just upgraded firearms. They consider it a community, “a brotherhood of like-minded individuals who push themselves and their gear to the limits.” As such, Legion members will receive access to this new line of enhanced products, which includes information from SIG, access to premium accessories built specially for the Legion community, and lifestyle items that represent their membership in the Legion.

“We have worked with elite SIG users for years as we have developed the Legion,” said Jeff Creamer, Executive Director and General Merchandise Manager for SIG Sauer, Inc. “We wanted to know what custom features these elite professionals were seeking as factory enhancements. The result is a line of high performance firearms and accessories that deliver not only what elite users need, but what they want.”

Features on the Legion Series Pistols
Both the P226 and P229 will be finished in a proprietary Legion gray PVD coating, custom G-10 grips with a Legion medallion, the new SIG Sauer Electro-Optics X-RAY high visibility day/night sights and will ship with three magazines.  

The P226 and P229 in DA/SA include a reduced and contoured Elite beavertail, which allows for a higher grip, but a reduced profile, thus eliminating printing. More aggressive front strap checkering and additional checkering under the trigger guard enhance the grip. An “X-Five” undercut has been applied to the trigger guard, allowing for a higher grip and greater control. Front cocking serrations provide greater purchase for cycling the action, clearing the firearm, or conducting press checks.

The DA/SA will be available in 9 mm, .40 and .357 SIG. The DA/SA also features low profile decocking and slide catch levers to reduce the risk of snagging. An enhanced polished action with the SRT (Short-Reset Trigger) is augmented with a Grayguns, Inc., Intermediate Adjustable Trigger. In addition, a solid steel guide rod adds weight where it matters most. 

The P226 SAO variant brings the same feature set to the table in a single-action only package. The addition of the SIG Master Shop Super Match Flat Trigger provides exceptional feel and consistent trigger pull regardless of finger placement. The SAO is available in 9 mm. MSRP on all models is $1,428.

Here’s how the Legion program works: After customers purchase a Legion product, they simply call SIG Sauer with their serial number to register the product. SIG will then send a complimentary custom Thermo-Mold case, cut for their specific firearm and featuring a slot for their challenge coin matched to that firearm.

Members will also receive a web account login, which unlocks the Legion portion of the SIG website, where they can learn more about the privileges of being a member of the Legion and find exclusive products expressly designed for them. Partnering with companies like Surefire, Peltor, Blackpoint Tactical and others, members can purchase top-of-the-line accessories made exclusively as part of the Legion Series.

SIG Sauer has also partnered with some of the finest blade makers in the industry to offer Legion-specific knives available only to members. These include but aren’t limited to: Emerson, Rick Hinderer, Daniel Winkler, and Duane Dyer of Strider Knives are designing and building these exclusive offerings specifically for the Legion.

Additional lifestyle accessories from premier manufacturers such as Gramm Works humidors and Key-Bar products will also be exclusives to the Legion base.

Legion members will have exclusive access to SIG Sauer product news and training tips from SIG Sauer Academy faculty. They will also be among the first to see new Legion products as they come available.

Available only at SIG Sauer dealers, the Legion Series of products will grow to include offerings from all of SIG Sauer, including rifles, optics, silencers and more. For more information on how you can join the Legion, please visit 


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