Rossi's Diverse Lineup

posted on August 4, 2023
Shown above is the Rossi Gallery Wood in .22 LR (top), the polymer-stocked, bolt-action Rossi RB22 Compact in .22 LR (middle) and the single-shot Rossi SS Poly Tuffy Turkey in 20 Ga.
Images courtesty of Rossi.

While the Rossi name is probably most associated with R92 pistol-caliber lever-actions and the .410/.45 Colt revolving Circuit Judge, the company’s line has grown over the past decade to include a variety of shotguns and rimfire rifles. And while Rossi’s new revolvers are causing a stir, they really represent a larger firearm catalog that has quietly come full circle.

Though its classic Model 62 pump-action has been discontinued for nearly two decades now, Rossi is currently offering five models of rimfire rifles in bolt-action, lever-action, pump-action and semi-automatic form. The R92 lever gun is scaled down into the Rio Bravo rimfire, with an aluminum alloy frame and 18" steel barrel, available with either wood or polymer stocks in a variety of finishes, with an MSRP between $360 and $470.

Rossi R92 lever-action rifle wood stock classic gun right-side view on whiteShown above is the Rossi R92 Hardwood featuring a polished black-oxide finish, 16" barrel and chambered for .357 Mag. Image courtesy of Rossi.

A new “Gallery” model pump-action rifle has more contemporary lines adapted from the Rio Bravo, but still uses an external-hammer design and an under-barrel tubular magazine. It is available in a classic style with wood stock and iron sights or with modern polymer furniture and fiber-optic sights (MSRP $350-$400). Both the Rio Bravo and Gallery models have a crossbolt safety.

Right-side view Rossi Rio Bravo youth size lever-action training rifle .22 lr black stock gunThe Rossi Rio Bravo (shown above) comes with adjustable sights and is scaled for training youth the fundamentals of safe firearm handling and marksmanship training. Image courtesy of Rossi.

Rossi’s bolt-action, magazine-fed rimfires include the RB17 and RB22M, full-size rifles chambered in .17 HMR and .22 WMR, respectively, with 21" free-floated barrels and bases for scope mounting (MSRP $230). The RB22 series is chambered in .22 Long Rifle and is available in both full-size (18" barrel) and compact, youth-size (16" barrel with its muzzle threaded and a stock with a shortened length of pull) models with polymer stocks, adjustable fiber-optic sights and an MSRP under $190.

Rossi RB17 bolt-action .17 HRM rifle right-side view black gun on white backgroundThe RB series of bolt-action rimfire rifles from Rossi come in a variety of colors, barrel lengths and rimfire chamberings. Shown above is the RB17 in .17 HMR. Image courtesy of Rossi.

Rounding out its rimfire lineup, Rossi offers magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifles in both .22 LR (RS22) and .22 WMR (RS22M). Like the RB22, the RS22 has an 18" free-floated barrel, fiber-optic sights and a polymer stock available in a variety of colors for an MSRP of $160. The RS22M likewise follows the specs of Rossi’s magnum rimfire bolt-actions, with a 21" barrel and a factory-installed scope base (MSRP $350).

Rossi RS22 right-side view FDE tan color semi-automatic rifle on white backgroundAvailable in either magnum or standard .22LR, the Rossi RS22 is a semi-automatic plinker with adjustable sights, sling studs and more. Image courtesy of Rossi.

While the classic Rossi double-barreled shotguns are no longer manufactured, the company is still in the business of producing scatterguns. The Tuffy line of .410-bore shotguns features 18" barrels, fixed modified chokes and polymer thumbhole rear stocks in the old “snake charmer” style, with an MSRP of $190. The Tuffy shotgun is also available in a 26"-barreled turkey-hunting model that is offered in both .410-bore (MSRP $250) and 20-ga. (MSRP $280) versions with a screw-in, extra full choke tube. The company’s solo 12-ga. model is the ST-12, an 18"-barreled home-defense pump shotgun with polymer furniture and a bead front sight (MSRP $330).

Right-side view on white of Rossi ST12 pump-action shotgunAside from its Tuffy line of single-shot shotguns in .410 bore, Rossi also offers its ST-12, which is a manually operated 12 ga. featuring black polymer furniture designed for home defense use. Image courtesy of Rossi.


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