Rifleman Q&A: Curious Semi-Automatic Mauser?

posted on May 28, 2021
Q. I was at a gun show last weekend and saw a large semi-automatic rifle chambered in 8 mm Mauser. It had a 10-round box magazine that appeared to be loaded by stripper clips. It seemed somewhat similar to an M1 Garand as it was quite well-made. I asked the seller about it, and he stated it was Belgian and manufactured by Fabrique Nationale. Could you tell me something more about this rifle?

left side line drawing rifle x-ray view parts mechanical relationship semi-automatic FN-49

A. What you saw was the FN Model 49 semi-automatic rifle. It was originally developed in the 1930s by Fabrique Nationale, shelved during the German occupation, and reintroduced after World War II. It is a gas-operated rifle that utilizes a tilting bolt-locking system quite similar to that of Soviet Tokarev rifles. The rifles are quite robust and well-made and were offered in several chamberings and variations. Although modestly successful, these rifles were obsolete by the post-World War II era, being superseded by more modern designs such as the FN FAL and the U.S. M14 rifle.

A particularly interesting and rare variant of the Model 49 is now being imported by Southern Ohio Gun [(800) 944-4867, www.southernohiogun.com]. It is an Argentine Navy Model 49 (shown above), chambered in .308 Win. and featuring a detachable 20-round magazine.

—Michael O. Humphries

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