Range Tested: EAA Girsan MC9 Disruptor

posted on May 9, 2024

European American Armory's partnership with Turkish firearm manufacturer Girsan has produced a number of affordable and effective handguns over the years, but with the introduction of its MC9 Disruptor, the company is taking the "feature-rich affordability" concept to an entirely new level. So-named because of its intention to "disrupt" the polymer-frame handgun market, the MC9 Disruptor is loaded with every feature a handgunner might want, all at a price that won't hurt the wallet. Watch our "Range Tested" video above to see the MC9 Disruptor in action and see the details of this budget-friendly firearm.

Right side of the EAA Girsan MC9 Disruptor pistol on a wooden shooting bench.

"Girsan has been in the polymer pistol business for a while. You may have seen their MC9 and their MC28," NRA Publications Editorial Director Mark Keefe said. "What European American Armory and Girsan were trying to do with this Disruptor was give it as many features as possible at a very affordable price."

The EAA Girsan MC9 Disruptor is a polymer-frame, striker-fired handgun chambered in 9 mm Luger, and the gun's detachable box magazine has room for 17 rounds. Two Cerakote finish options are available in the line, one OD green camouflage and the other with a black-camouflage finish.

An empty 17-round magazine next to an EAA Girsan MC9 Disruptor pistol.

"They actually have some very nice texturing on the side, very easy to hold onto," Keefe said "The controls are not bilateral in this gun, not all of them anyway. You do have your slide lock, and which is bilateral, and simply hitting your slide lock allows the slide to go forward. But the rest of your controls, at least for now, are on the left side."

At the top end of the gun, Girsan milled the rear of the slide to accept red-dot sights of the Shield RMS/RMSc footprint, and a black cover plate incorporating the rear open sight is shipped on the gun from the factory. The sights are of a three-dot configuration, providing a simple sight picture for shooters who prefer to stick with the irons.

A black cover plate on top of the EAA Corp. Girsan MC9 Disruptor's milled slide.

"So with an affordable gun you'd think that you have to give some things up. Not necessarily with this particular Disruptor from Girsan, because it actually comes with three different rear strap inserts," Keefe said. "They are not painted in the green like the rest of the Disruptor, but that's okay. Neither is your magazine base pad."

At the front end of the gun, the EAA Girsan MC9 Disruptor includes a 1/2x28 TPI threaded muzzle, along with a textured thread cap. A four-slot Picatinny accessory rail makes it easy to add lights or lasers.

A black thread cap sits at the muzzle end of the EAA Girsan MC9 Disruptor's green slide.

"Takedown of the unloaded Disruptor is actually very simple," Keefe said. "So you take the gun to the slide-lock position, and then you simply turn down your disassembly lever, release the slide, pull the trigger, and your slide comes right off the frame."

Inside the gun, users will find a traditional flat-wire captured recoil spring, along with a fixed ejector, front locking block, trigger bar and passive firing-pin safety. A blade within the trigger shoe ensures the firearm cannot be fired without the trigger being pulled, like many other polymer-frame handgun designs on the market.

A black trigger blade sits inside the trigger guard of the camouflage-finished EAA Girsan MC9 Disruptor.

"So it's a fairly simple gun, but it's well-executed, and really what sets this gun apart is its affordability," Keefe concluded. "This gun is designed to compete, to give you all the features that you need, for not a whole lot of money."

For the full details on the European American Armory Corp. Girsan MC9 Disruptor, visit eaacorp.com.



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