Proof Research Awarded Contract for Future Weapon Systems Development

posted on July 22, 2021
Proof Research

Proof Research has been awarded a $12.7 million contract for the development and delivery of prototype advanced-composite, medium-caliber barrels and components for the next generation of weapon systems for the U.S. military. The company manufactures advanced high-temperature composite aerospace/defense materials and components, cut-rifled steel and carbon-fiber composite precision rifle barrels, and custom rifle systems that deliver extreme accuracy and performance that weigh up to 50-percent less.

“Proof’s composite materials technology is unique in that it opens up the weapon design space to enable performance advantages that cannot be achieved with traditional materials and techniques,” said Proof Research Advanced Composites Division General Manager and Project Principal Investigator David Curliss, PhD. “We design and build medium-caliber weapon system barrels and components with characteristics previously not attainable.”

The agreement builds on the company’s successful small-caliber barrel technology already in service with U.S. military forces, and will enable medium-caliber weapons with increased performance that provide overmatch capability on tomorrow’s battlefield. “This project demonstrates the scalability and performance advantages of Proof’s technology in any weapon system,” said Proof Research CEO Larry Murphy.

The company’s high-temperature products and solutions have been harnessed in the U.S. military’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and B2 Stealth Bomber, among others. Some of that advanced technology is also available to firearm enthusiasts today in Proof Research’s aftermarket barrels for a variety of civilian rifles—AR-10, AR-15, Ruger 10/22 and many others. Proof Research also offers complete firearms, including the Conviction, Elevation, Glacier, Tundra and the MDT Chassis model.

“It is a progression of our commercial and military small caliber products that will generate a tactical advantage in larger weapons,” said John Clements, Proof Research vice president of business development and military programs. “We are extremely excited about this opportunity to improve the tools available to our Warfighters.” 


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