Product Preview: MagPump 9mm Magazine Loader

posted on November 2, 2018

MagPump has converted the technology it brought to market with its AR-15 magazine loaders to 9 mm Luger double stack magazines. With a 50-round self-sorting hopper, users simply pour in a standard box of ball ammo and, after sending a few down the tube with the lever on the back, start pumping the handle to load a shot approximately every second. When the magazine is full, the MagPump’s built-in safeties will stop ammunition from being fed in order to prevent damaging either the ammunition or the magazine. The loader comes standard with adapters for Glock, SIG, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Ruger and CZ magazines; MSRP is $149.99. Single and double-stack magazine adapters will be available soon. For more, visit


Walther Ronin Dyal
Walther Ronin Dyal

Arming My Daughter Part II: Sampling Mid-Size Nines

As I went through all of the data for the previous article, now Part I, I saw how my daughter Laney struggled with micro 9s, so a natural question jumped out: How would she do with a larger 9 mm handgun?

Hornady Inducted To Nebraska Business Hall Of Fame, Announces Park Management

Industry legend Hornady is already experiencing a big year. On Feb. 1, for example, the Hornady family was inducted into the Nebraska Business Hall of Fame at the annual NE Chamber Hall of Fame Banquet held in Lincoln, Neb.

I Have This Old Gun: Burnside Carbine

In the American Civil War, there was an incredible variety of small arms used, particularly within cavalry units. One of the most popular cavalry carbines used throughout the war was the Burnside carbine.

New For 2024: Mossberg Patriot 400 Legend

Mossberg expanded its Patriot bolt-action rifle line to encompass one of the newest straight-wall hunting cartridges on the market: 400 Legend.

I Have This Old Gun: Norinco 84S

The Norinco 84S presents the same general appearance as the Chinese-made 56S because it has the same overall length, is built around a stamped sheet-steel receiver and uses the same hooded front sight base, the same 45-degree gas block, the same fire-control components, the same wood furniture and the same high-polish blued finish.

Rifleman Q&A: Boattail Bullets And Barrel Erosion

In the recent spate of “long-range” boattail bullets presented to the market, I’ve observed the boattail’s degree of departure from the bullet’s cylindrical axis varies substantially from one design to another.


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