Product Preview: Caldwell Hydrosled

posted on April 9, 2023
Caldwell Hydrosled

Like the rest of its Lead Sled line, the Caldwell Hydrosled provides rock-solid support for your rifle or shotgun, making it great for accuracy work like sighting-in.

Unlike other shooting sleds on the market that rely on weights or bags to help keep them stationary under recoil, however, the Hydrosled features a reservoir in the front of the unit that allows the sled itself to be filled with a heavy media such as water or sand.

Large elevation adjustments can be made to the front cradle via a rack-and-pinion ram, while more precise windage and elevation adjustments are possible by turning a pair of smaller knobs. Both the interior and the exterior of the recoil brace are generously padded to protect the firearm and dramatically cut felt recoil, respectively.

Suggested retail price for the Hydrosled is $229. For more information, visit


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