Nraam 2023

Great American Outdoor Show, NRA Annual Meetings Draw Crowds

With financial institutions failing, inflation eroding family budgets and COVID-19 still looming, Patriots counted in the tens of thousands flock to NRA events in support for the Second Amendment.

Tips & Techniques: Advanced Stickology

Three-legged shooting sticks are almost universally used in African hunting. They get you above low vegetation and off the ground, away from thorns and creepy-crawlies.

Product Preview: Caldwell Hydrosled

The Caldwell Hydrosled provides rock-solid support for your rifle or shotgun, making it great for accuracy work like sighting-in.

MidwayUSA Foundation Supports Youth Shooting Programs With $4.6 Million

There are approximately 2,800 youth shooting teams and nearly 80 youth shooting sports organizations with a MidwayUSA Foundation endowment. Each are eligible to receive a five-percent cash grant each year.

Ruger Named Friends Of NRA Guardian Sponsor For 2023

Ruger is the exclusive 2023 Guardian Level Corporate Sponsor of the Friends of NRA program, a sponsorship that will help support firearm training and educational programs, ensuring the continuation of America’s proud shooting and hunting heritage for generations to come.

Preview: Primos Trigger Stick Apex Carbon Fiber Tripod

One of the best ways to enhance shooting stability in the field is with a tripod, but weight is a huge consideration that often keeps hunters and shooters from taking advantage of one.

Preview: True-Track Bipod – Second Gen

The True-Track Bipod from Sims Vibration Laboratory—best known for its Limbsaver recoil pads—benefits from second-generation improvements that make it even more stable without adding weight.

Preview: Swagger Bipods SFR10 QD

Quite a departure stylistically from the large, boxy housings of its Hunter Series models, the new SFR10 QD from Swagger Bipods nonetheless retains a similar flex-leg design that greatly enhances the user’s ability to track a target’s movement without the need to reposition the rifle.

Henry Raises More Than $46K For Sixth Grader

Henry Repeating Arms' donation of 65 custom “Support 4 Sami” rifles has raised a total of $46,700, funds that will benefit the family of 11-year-old Sami Bernadzikowski, through its Guns For Great Causes program.

MidwayUSA's NRA Round-Up Program Surpasses $20 Million

The MidwayUSA NRA Round-Up Program, started back in 1992 to support the defense of Second Amendment rights, surpassed $20 million raised for donation to the NRA ILA.

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