Product Preview: AR-15/M16 BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle

posted on December 29, 2015

Extended charging handles for AR-15-style rifles make use of an extra-long latch to increase the ease and efficiency of manually cycling the gun’s bolt. However, as we learned from Archimedes, longer levers exert greater force upon the load—in this case, a somewhat-fragile 1/16" roll pin that connects the latch to the charging handle body. The Gunfighter Charging Handle from Bravo Company Mfg.—available through Brownells (—offers the advantages of an extended lever and also protects the roll pin and, thus, the operability of the rifle. The charging handle is designed with a backstop to limit the latch’s range of motion and redirect the pulling force away from the pin and back into the charging handle’s body. The Gunfighter handles are constructed of 7075 aluminum and are available in three latch sizes. Price: $48. Contact: Bravo Company Mfg., Inc. (877) 272-8626;


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