Preview: Safariland Schema IWB Holster

posted on September 28, 2022
Safariland Schema Iwb Holster F

Safariland's Schema holster, introduced in the fall of 2022, provides concealed carriers with a lightweight, affordable holster with dedicated firearm fits for some of the most popular concealed-carry guns on the market. Designed for inside-the-waistband use, the minimalist holster features a smaller footprint than many other options available today, thereby easing concealment.

Developed as a skeletonized design made from rigid polymer, the Safariland Schema IWB holster includes a reinforced mouth that ensures unholstered firearms can be easily reholstered, making it friendly for draw practice at home or on the range. Built-in cant and vertical mounting adjustments ensure that wearers can fine-tune the fit, making for a more comfortable all-day carry experience.

For retention, the Schema includes a passive trigger-guard retention feature that secures holstered firearms safely. Additionally, the design also incorporates a trigger shield for added safety. Another positive feature of the Schema is the inclusion of a built-in wing that presses against the back side of a wearer's gun belt, which pushes the grip of a holstered firearm closer into the body to reduce printing through a cover garment. Inside the holster body, you'll also find a polymer post that ensures the firearm is properly positioned during reholstering for adequate retention.

The Safariland Schema IWB holster is designed to work with mounted micro red-dots as well, and it's compatible with many popular optics on the market, including the Shield RMS and RMSc, Trijicon RMRcc, Swampfox Sentinel, Holosun 407K and others. At launch, the USA-made holster is available to fit popular firearm models from Glock, Springfield Armory, SIG Sauer and Taurus, and the design can only be had in a right-hand configuration. The suggested retail price on the Schema is $40. For more information, visit


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