Preview: Real Avid Bore-Max Speed Clean System

posted on September 26, 2021
Real Avid Bore Max

When it comes to firearm maintenance, cleaning out the bore can be one of the most time-consuming and wasteful aspects. Real Avid has introduced a new system which aims to cut down on the amount of time, effort and number of patches needed to accomplish this task with the new Bore-Max Speed Clean System.

The Bore-Max Speed Clean System is comprised of two main components: improved brushes and jag kit. The brush portion of this system, the Bore-Max Speed Brush, has twice as many bristles as industry-standard bore brushes, which, in turn, is supposed to double the scrubbing power made with each pass.

These brushes have stiff nickel-plated phosphor bronze bristles, which are designed to better resist chemical breakdown while in use inside the bore, and thus extend the lifespan of the brush. As Real Avid’s chief innovation officer, Howard Tripp, explained, “Phosphor bronze has proven to be an ideal bristle material, with the exception of reacting poorly to bore-solvent. Nickel-electroplating these brushes solved that problem and increased their useful longevity as well.”

At the same time, Real Avid worked to find a balance between the quantity of bristles and amount of flex of the bristles to maximize their ability to scrub. Howard Tripp added further details to this by explaining “to achieve maximize effectiveness, we found there needed to be an optimal balance between bristle density and bristle flexibility. In our testing, we recognized very quickly that having too few bristles was a waste of time and too many wouldn’t provide enough flexibility to navigate the lands and grooves of the bore.”

As for the jag kit portion of the Bore Max Speed Clean System, this includes both improved jags and patches, the Speed Jags and Speed Patches. Both the jag and patches were designed and sized around each other, with consideration given to the jag diameter and patch thickness to give a more precise bore fit. Real Avid also designed the Speed Patches to be minimalist yet effective, being small enough to eliminate bunching of the material while still covering the jag completely.

These patches are made from a synthetic material over the traditional use of cotton, which has superior absorption abilities while also limiting the amount of fraying and leftover oil in the bore. They also have a quilt-like textured surface that is supposed to be more effective at lapping up buildup.

With the combination of the Speed Brush, Speed Jag and Speed Patches, the Bore-Max Speed Clean System offers better cleaning ability with fewer passes needed to get the desired result, saving both time and effort. For more information on the Real Avid Bore-Max Speed Clean System, visit



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