Preview: Mastermind Tactics Appendix Carry Pillow

posted on May 10, 2024
Mastermind Tactics Appendix Carry Pillow

When carrying in the appendix position at 1 o’clock, hot spots and pressure points can develop, particularly when sitting for long periods of time.

The Appendix Carry Pillow from Mastermind Tactics is a DIY upgrade for any Kydex AIWB holster.

Simply attach an adhesive-backed, hook-and-loop patch to the body side of a holster, adjust the fill level of the acrylic-fabric wedge with the included synthetic poly fill and orient the wedge to provide cushioning.

Increasing the fill can also aid in concealment by pushing the frame of a holstered pistol firmly into a wearer’s body, minimizing printing.

MSRP is $21. For more information, visit



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