Preview: Hard Ready Full Blade Kit

posted on October 10, 2021

From the Hard Ready Brand comes the HR-1 Fighting Blade, a minimalist-style personal-defense blade that is lightweight and designed for concealed carry, with an included and convenient starter kit.

The Hard Ready Brand Full Blade Kit comes complete with an HR-1 blade and an IWB molded kydex sheath. Included with the kit comes a handy training blade constructed from aluminum that features a blunt tip to promote safe knife handling.

The HR-1 features full-tang, monolithic construction with a single piece of X30Cr12 steel sourced from Germany. The HR-1 measures 7.1” long and only 1/8” wide, and weights just 2.4 ozs. The fixed, 2.5” plain-edged blade employs a modified Tanto-style tip. Incorporated into the prommel is both a rention ring and striking point, and the included sheath can be set up for either left- or right-handed use. The supplied sheath also contains lanyard attachment points all around as well as a stainless steel fasteners and clip.

Check your area’s laws before carrying a concealed blade. Retail price for the HR-1 Full Blade Kit is set for $79.99. For more information, including how-to use videos, please visit


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