No Wrapping Necessary

posted on December 24, 2013

This year, to put it politely, has been sporty. Loss of loved ones, leaving the friends who had become family at NRA headquarters for a job that didn’t work out, attempted break-in, no movement whatsoever in the court system, deployed family members and even the sale of a house at the wrong time have made 2013 interesting.

I’m still one of the luckiest people on the planet, and this time of year reaffirms my belief. You are, too. Find the time between all the festivities to inventory the unwrapped gifts you received in the past 364 days, and you’ll agree.

I never expected my list to include multiple deliveries at about 1 a.m. when I was holding my Wilson Combat CQB Elite. Of course, nobody ever schedules a break-in.

Special thanks go out to every single instructor who droned into my brain precisely how to conduct myself and safely surrender my firearm once law enforcement arrives. I’m not an operator, don’t pretend to be, and 100 percent of my actions as the first deputy arrived were muscle memory-multiple repetitions of the routine, over and over and over again, until I was about bored out of my skull during training sessions. It kicked in that morning, but part of the thanks also has to go out to the first deputy who arrived. I wouldn’t want to be in his situation.

The detective assigned to the case was wonderful and both responding deputies were courteous and professional. The staff at the Sheriff’s office connected me with the overworked district attorney’s office to help offset my concerns after the perp’s release.

There are a lot more who deserve thanks. I hope they’ll read this blog and understand what a great gift they provided, probably without ever knowing I’d put it to use.

In the meantime, my youngest grandson and I made a meager delivery to the Hoke County Sheriff’s office. It’s not much, just some cheese, crackers, cookies and, yes, donuts with sprinkles (no holiday squad room is complete without them).

Those who protect and serve respond to some tough situations. When they do so with a grace and style that honors those of us who have decided to take charge of our own safety and that of our family by carrying a firearm-and getting a solid education in its lawful use-it’s the least we can do this time of year.

Merry Christmas.



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