New For 2024: PWS User Xchange Rifle (UXR)

posted on January 23, 2024
Primary Weapons Uxr New 2024 F
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Primary Weapon Systems (PWS) launched its UXR, or User Xchange Rifle, a modular, multi-caliber design, into a vast market occupied by highly competitive but mechanically indistinct AR-style platforms.

PWS UXR black case red lettering rifle truck bed man over-shoulder

One look at the new gun recalls design elements from both past and existing examples of more modern, modular battle rifles. In the case of the long-stroke-piston-driven UXR, however, the patent-pending system of component interchangeability promises to allow users to “quickly convert between alternate calibers on the same serialized platform by effortlessly exchanging just three parts—the magazine well, barrel and bolt head.”

PWS UXR cutaway digital rendering rifle parts

In another departure from the typical AR format, the UXR’s 7075-series aluminum upper is the serialized component. It houses the bolt and titanium trunnion to which various barrel assemblies can be clamped and then matched to the appropriate standard or short M-LOK-equipped handguards. The charging handle is non-reciprocating, reversible and foldable, and a multi-position buttstock features an adjustable comb and hinges either right or left alongside the upper in such a way as to permit firing when folded.

PWS UXR configuration truck bed rifle parts

The lower, or “fire-control housing,” is designed to be compatible with AR-style grips and most AR triggers, and its magazine release and safety selector also facilitate ambidextrous use. A three-position adjustable gas system regulates the upper’s operation with various chamberings and loads, and separate magazine well assemblies are dedicated for use with their respective barrels, which will initially include .308 Win./7.62 NATO, .223 Wylde/5.56 NATO and .300 Blackout chamberings.

PWS UXR right-side view man installing lower receiver wood table tools indoors couch carpet

For more information on the new-for-2024 PWS UXR, visit


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